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  • Romik Kelesh

    Romik Kelesh

    Machine Learning | Full Stack | Computer Scientist | Economist

  • Bryan Finster

    Bryan Finster

    Developer, Value Stream Architect, and DevOps insurgent who optimizes for sleep. All opinions are my own. https://bryanfinster.com

  • JanBosch


    Academic, angel investor, board member and advisor working on the boundary of business and (software) technology

  • David Minkovski

    David Minkovski

    My passion are software products and technologies that help companies pursue their goals and offer customers a user-friendly experience.

  • Sindre Sorhus

    Sindre Sorhus

    Aspiring kitten. Fabulously quirky.

  • Christoph Walpert

    Christoph Walpert

    Bridging the gap between business and technology. AWS Solutions Architect. Currently Product Manager @LeanIX

  • Garry Tan

    Garry Tan

    Managing Partner, Initialized Capital. Designer/engineer turned early stage VC.

  • Ryan Hoover

    Ryan Hoover

    Founder of Product Hunt. Weekend Fund investor. Follow at @rrhoover.

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