Sunhat extends seed round to drive sustainability transformation in businesses

Another milestone on a long journey 🚀

Ali Kamalizade
2 min readFeb 27, 2024

Exciting times ahead as we take another giant leap towards driving sustainability transformation in businesses! We’re thrilled to announce that Sunhat has raised fresh capital and extended the seed financing to €5 million with the support of our newest partner, EnBW New Ventures!

Reflecting on our journey so far, it is incredible to see what we have achieved so far. Architecture discussions, PR reviews, pair programming, plenty of tea and coffee: these are all part of the process, each step bringing us closer to realizing our mission of helping sustainability teams achieve more impact through our software solution. Working with forward-thinking companies, both our product as well as our understanding of a sustainable world grow fast and steadily.

But one thing remains constant: the incredible team spirit that propels us forward. We all are learning and improving every day: whether it is about maintaining infrastructure that scales with increasing demand, building ML powered semantic language understanding capabilities into our product and crafting UX that makes sustainability teams more productive in their daily work. As the first person writing code for Sunhat, it makes me proud to see how much the product is growing thanks to the stellar work of all Sunnies.

A huge shoutout to the entire Sunhat crew and our investors for embarking on this awesome journey with us — it would not be a journey without you!

Stay tuned for more updates! Here’s to reaching even greater heights in the Sunniverse because the journey is far from over.

Thanks for your attention and take care! Until next time 👋



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