Useful Git commands to get things done and some advice about using Git

In the end, you use Git no matter what.

Check git status (e.g. to see which files you changed)

Abort a commit (local changes are not lost)

Reset local repository and apply newest version from remote repository

Show all branches (local and remote)

Delete local branch (remote branch will not be affected)

Apply changes from develop branch to feature branch (Git flow)

Apply one commit from develop branch to feature branch without conflicts

Show git commit logs (history)

Track local branch with remote branch (when you have the issue that Git cannot match your local branch with the remote branch)

Some basic reminders how to use Git properly

As long as you and your team use Git properly, this should not happen.


Senior Software Engineer @LeanIX. Co-founder of Sedeo. Passion for software engineering and startups. Looking forward to build great things. 有難うございます。🚀

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