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Testing is an important part of software development. Although testing is still sometimes regarded as an afterthought, especially in time-critical projects, methodologies like Test-driven development (TDD) and improved tooling for testing have done a lot in recent years to rectify this.

There are great testing frameworks out there for writing…

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are a hot topic on the web right now. No wonder, they promise a user experience that should not be inferior to native apps for Android and iOS. …

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Angular is a great JavaScript framework for creating applications which can run on many platforms.

However, the more your app grows, the longer your compilation times may become. This makes writing code more cumbersome and reduces your developer productivity. …

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Over the last three years I have published blog posts related to software engineering. Personally, I believe that the best posts are coming from topics you’re invested in. Recently, I dug up some of my favorite blog posts of engineering blogs I’m following. As the response was quite positive (thank…

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At this point, there’s hardly any bigger tech company that does not have an engineering blog.

In my opinion there are a few characteristics of a good engineering blog:

  • The content is written by people like software engineers or data scientists
  • The blog posts are not just glorified product marketing

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CI/CD allows developers and organizations to move faster. By automating tasks like building, testing, and deploying software, we spend less time on mundane tasks and have more time to work on our actual applications instead. …

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On many websites, you’ll find yourself scrolling through lists. Some are more simplistic, while others are fancier (e.g. e-commerce websites). Modern websites feature a lot of content, yet nobody likes slow-to-respond experiences. Users will likely bounce off if performance is poor. …

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Nowadays, software gets shipped more often than in the past. Both small and big companies have realized that continuous deployment brings many benefits, like faster feedback loops. Thanks to platforms like Netlify, web apps can be shipped and served by a global CDN without much configuration.

One thing that can…

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We have a new microservice that has a special endpoint tailored for reporting use cases. Since we don’t want to load hundreds of thousands of items at once, we implemented pagination for this endpoint. Still, even when returning 10,000 items, the JSON response was around 9MB. …

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In recent years there have been various software-based products where you could easily follow their progress. This hasn’t always been the case. Many products were and are still being created behind closed curtains, only released to the public once they are somewhat ready. Surely, this is not always a bad…

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